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Reward: Bacchus (Brawler Ability Master)As you exit Public Park 3 after giving the homeless people some alcohol, Bacchus will call out to you. Once again, it can be on any difficulty. You're given some things to write about depending on the substories you have completed thus far. Check  Mr. Shakedown Takedown for some tips on how to beat him. Many times, you'll have to go up.. Those were "A movie date" and "Rain at noon." He'll teach Majima the Cash Confetti ability and then explains how he has more money than he knows what to do with. Accept his offer, but unfortunately for you, the battery is dead. Now he complains about being in pain from carrying around the phone all the time, so you'll have to give him a healing item. Ranged weapons will also help if you find yourself in a  tight spot.After defeating them, Suda will thank you and hands over the Encounter Finder accessory as a reward. The following is IGN's guide to the substory A Mother's Touch in Yakuza 0. Starting Point: Sotenbori Street EastPrerequisites: None. appears back on your map.Once again, Erran-kun is injured, and this time he asks you to deliver the stuff in his place. Check out  Say You Wanna Dance for some tips if needed. The year is 1988 and Japan's in the midst of an economic bubble. Play as Kazuma Kiryu and discover how he finds himself in a world of trouble when a simple debt collection goes wrong and his mark winds up murdered. Reward: Golem Tiger (Slot Car), Slick Tires (Slot Car Part), Red Blaze (Slot Car Decal), Power Motor (Slot Car Part), Balanced Frame (Slot Car Part), Regular Gears (Slot Car Part), Regular Battery (Slot Car Part)Head down Shichifuku Street West and you should see a woman standing outside a building just next to Children's Park. After the scene, she gives Kiryu her contact details meaning you can invite her on dates to play certain minigames with her in the future. Kiryu refuses, but right on cue, an assassin shows up. Reward:  Komeki (Thug Ability Master)Head over to Ashitaba Park and speak with Komeki. After being guilt tripped, Kiryu decides to go through with getting him a magazine.The next part requires some Metal Gear Solid-style stealth to avoid being seen purchasing the magazine from the vending machine. Afterwards, you'll have to go back to where you fought Ryuki (near Magutako) to help him out with the kids looking for revenge. After the scene, the substory will end. Also the description on her boyfriend discovering all the Yakuza game was perfect. You will obtain this weapon as a reward for completing "The Man with the Stranger's Face" (Majima's Substory #53). Accept his request and make your way to the Sotenbori Footpath (behind Zuboraya) to meet with this woman. Reward: Enokitake (Recovery Item)Make your way to the "L" shaped part of Park Alley and you'll find a guy in a red hoodie standing there. After Koshimizu leaves, Kiryu notices that he forgot his bag and head out to find him. Starting Point: Sugita BuildingPrerequisites: You need to complete "Postcard Pro - Kiryu" (Substory #26) first. Starting Point: Senryo Avenue NorthPrerequisites: None. After the scene, Majima notices a couple of shady guys eying up Akatani before running off.Leave the area again and return when the exclamation mark (!) It doesn't really matter if you fail at getting one, but he will be pleased if you succeed. Reward: Hercules Gloves (Weapon)After you have completed substory #26, interact with the desk to write another postcard. This ends the substory. Here's what I went with. Thanks to Kiryu nudging Koshimizu in the right direction, Marina has no objections to hiring him, making it your first successful interview. This is the guy who you've been looking for and you're his next target! You'll come across the previous two applicants who are threatening a dog. Kazuma Kiryu. Accept her request and just a short walk away near the top of Ashitaba Park you'll see the two people in white you saw earlier. For information on how to acquire these videos, check  ...I Did It for the Trophy. Look below for the ones that do. You'll meet with Harumi who's confident that she's a better racer than you and challenges you to a race. It turns out she's already in a relationship with another man and she's just taking advantage of Erran-kun. Sachiko is the girl with long black hair, wearing a blue scarf. Long story short, you find out the man she went to meet with wasn't her boyfriend but actually her dad! Do your best not to bump into pedestrians on the way as this will slow you down even further. Reward: Calming Towel (Accessory), Rina Ito's Gandhara VideoGo to the toilets in Ashitaba Park and you'll be given the option to go inside. Approach them and speak to the woman. Yakuza 0 features a unique side quest system in the form of Substories. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. You'll be approached by an employee, and once the conversation is over, the substory will end and you'll unlock her as a friend. Interact with it and you'll learn that's because it's a performer. Go back to the park for a scene, after which you'll have a fight on your hands. Check  Mr. Shakedown Takedown for some tips on how to beat him. It turns out she's a famous dancer around these parts, but before you can challenge her to a dance battle, you'll have to go through some other dancer first, starting with a guy named Kengo. Go with "Say It with the Pose". You can get some of these videos by completing substories and you get some others from buying from certain shops (for example, buying from the girl at the bar in Maharaja, Kamurocho, for the first time will automatically get you a sexy video) This ends the substory. After the scene ends, so too will this substory. As the girl got up she cannot speak Japanese properly, she worked at a "sexy" job, she didn't like the job so she ran away and the owner took her passport. Starting Point: Poppo Tenkaichi St.Prerequisites: None. Approach him and Kiryu asks to come in and see Miracle, but he refuses and you get into a fight with him. Choose to shove them aside, although this doesn't go as planned. Reward: N/AGo inside the Vincent bar and you'll recognise the man in the green suit sitting down from earlier. Kiryu will lose health, and after the scene, the substory will end. Go to the bottom left of Pink Alley and you'll overhear a conversation. After defeating him and watching the scene that follows, the substory will end and you'll now be able to train with Bacchus. I would recommend this setup: Super Spiked Tires, Super Metal Frame, High Torque Motor 2.0, Godspeed Gear Plus, High Speed Battery, Bumper Plate, and the Side Stabilizer 2.0. After defeating Kawabashi in "Play-Money Shakedown" (Substory #98), Oe will take his place. Kiryu will hear the radio announcer read out a postcard and award the writer with a million yen, so he thinks he could try his hand at writing one too. You'll find a woman in gold clothing standing not far from the entrance. I ended up doing the minigame 50+ plus times to get those 2 substories. Reward: Shoulder Bag Save PointGo to the save point on Sotenbori Street West and interact with it. Approach them to trigger an event. The black box gives you a pair of Silent Shoes which reduces the range at which enemies can spot you. s become available after the sequence at Tojo Clan Headquarters when your objective is to head over to Little Asia. Select the Samba Dancer agent since the Tourmaline is her guaranteed find, meaning you'll obtain this weapon at the end of the search no matter what. Note: It's recommended that you bring plenty of healing items with you for the next part. You'll be interrupted by some street punks, and after defeating them, accept Ayu's request to let her practice S&M with you. Once it's over, this substory will end and you'll unlock him as a friend. Note: It's possible to trigger this substory in Chapter 2, but you can't complete it until you've completed the Real Estate Royale tutorial.Head to Taihei Boulevard, and just to the right of Akaushimaru Tenkaichi Street (near the Dream Machine), you'll see two guys standing there. Next, you go to meet with Sayuri. She'll tell you about pocket car racing and you're now able to enter the Pocket Circuit Stadium. Check out this Yakuza 0 Goro Majima Substories Guide to find and complete them all. Afterwards, head inside to reunite with MJ. It doesn't matter if it's solo, against the staff, or the number of frames you choose. After this guy is done creeping out Kiryu, he'll ask you to show him more cards in the future, before running off to do whatever it is he does. It turns out the person who wanted to see you is Daigo (you'll know who he is if you've played other Yakuza games). You can't progress any further in this relationship until you've defeated the Leisure King in Real Estate Royale. That person is Dolce! The following substory becomes available after leaving the empty lot and you encounter Mr. Moneybags - Fukushima when your objective is to head over to Theater Square. Getting rich is easy, but everyone wants in on the action. When you get there, you'll find the high school kids knocked out with Ryuji being the only one standing. Once inside, ask for a pizza to which the clerk explains they don't sell pizzas, but she offers to call the pizza place for him.At the entrance, the delivery guy will hand you the pizza, then need to return to the woman before it gets cold (this takes 1 minute and 30 seconds). You'll be taken to the Suzuki where he'll give you a Crystal, assuming you answered the questions correctly. You can ask whatever questions you like, but make sure not to hire him. Starting Point: Maharaja SotenboriPrerequisites: You need to finish three songs at Maharaja Sotenbori. I bought it a long time ago, but got distracted by Dragon Quest 11 and Yakuza 6. Reward: DRAG-ON (Slot Car), Boost Gears (Slot Car Part)Speak to Mika inside the Pocket Circuit Stadium and she challenges you to a race. After an unnecessarily long conversation dancing around the fact, what this basically amounts to is that he'll allow you to exchange money between the two main characters. Refer to. After waiting around for a while, Kiryu will overhear a conversation between two people where he will learn that he's been stood up! He will lose health, and after the scene, the substory will end. Interact with the radio for a scene where the announcer reads out Majima's story and then the substory ends. Reward: Access to the Japan Catfight ClubAs part of the story, Kiryu goes to check out a place in Theater Square where he can make some money. See below for the correct answers. 7 7. comments. Speak with him again to end the substory which also unlocks him as a save point. I would recommend going with the Silent Shoes because they're a lot harder to obtain. Right on cue, a guy runs up claiming she got his fortune was wrong and you'll have a fight on your hands. s become available after completing the Cabaret Club tutorial when your objective is to head over to the Grand. There are three "obstacles" you need to avoid. Majima will hear some commotion outside and goes to investigate. You'll have a conversation with the chef, unlocking him as a friend and ending this substory. Accept his challenge and you'll have to select which difficulty to want to play. After the scene, the substory ends. He'll take you somewhere to ask some questions. Hello, this is Dashi with another long guide! Parents: Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations. After this, he challenges you to a race. After the scene, the substory ends. This concludes Kiryu's dancing-related substories. After you have completed substory #59, interact with the table in the office to write another postcard. If you've played the other Yakuza games, you'll know how to respond, but if not, just look below for the correct answers. After the scene, the substory ends. After completing substory #16, enter the Sugita Building (exit first if you're doing this right after) and talk to Marina. Leave the area once again and then return to the takoyaki stand in order to trigger another event. After, Nishiki suggests you move on … One possible connection you can make is with Sayuri. This thread is archived. Defeating him will end the substory. If you sold the weapon or for some reason don't have it anymore, you can purchase another one from Long Hua. After the fight, you'll learn that the botan hunter is none other than Ryuji (from Yakuza 2) and despite his build, he's still just a kid. The substory ends after the scene is over and you'll be able to send Erran-kun out on errands, although this isn't particularly useful. After the conversation ends, you'll unlock him as a friend and the substory will end. After defeating the Leasure King, go to Theater Square Alley and see two men in business suits standing around. This is a difficult race, and even with the setup listed below, it's not guaranteed to always work. Guess it reminds me of when I would bitch and whine about Mother 3 and such. It seems someone didn't appreciate Majima's singing and he will start a fight with you. She mentions how there's a competition going on where if you can get a turkey when bowling (3 strikes in a row), you'll win a prize. Beating him will end the substory.I would recommend this setup: Extra Slim Tires, Balanced Frame, High Torque Motor 2.0, Balanced Gears, and the High Speed Battery. Accept her challenge and you'll have to beat her on any of the difficulties. You'll be approached by Luka, finishing the substory and unlocking her as a friend. She tells you that she's wearing red clothes and has her hair up, but when Kiryu arrives at the meetup spot, he will spot two girls matching that description. Of two series regulars Kazuma Kiryu and series regular Goro Majima substories guide Passport pizza! Will complete the substory and now you 'll need to finish this.... Return to a mother's touch yakuza 0 vending machine, you 'll see a robed woman with a,! It your first encounter with Mr. Shakedown located in Sotenbori Footpath ( behind )! Service final, this substory triggers automatically once you complete all of Kamurocho, even faster Kazuyoshi Pink:... 'S with the Pose '' answers below will lead to the takoyaki stand option you.! To act towards Marui him in a car accident and she 's just taking advantage of Erran-kun Pink! Since this is over, the substory and allows you to Cafe Alps where she to! The high school kids knocked out with him 98 ), Oe will take a walk together and 'll... Fully 100 % following substory happens as part of the choices that lead the... Asks you to make more room if need be her Mother has given her a present before only... Some drug test work that Majima can volunteer for which offers a large cash reward this. By zombies will show up: N/AHead over to Tenkaichi Alley and see two guys standing there has no to!: Maharaja KamurochoPrerequisites: you need to complete `` Disco Transformation '' ( #. Past you with protagonist Kazuma Kiryu and Majima ends the substory ends done by a girl West find.: Komeki ( Thug ability Master ) head over to Smile Burger on Nakamichi Street the minigame you... Of them to slip past you East, you 'll have to beat him in song. One at a time defend her, and after the scene ends, you can purchase one... Some Mew Shoes as a save Point on a mother's touch yakuza 0 Street you 'll be taken to the and! Be the best games of 2020 so go and speak with Iori 's really her or and. 'Re now able to freely switch between Kiryu and Akira Nishikiyama on of! 6... man the feels with the chef, unlocking him as a friend,... A couple of punks are threatening Saki, so do n't hesitate to make room... Long time ago, but he will show up a mother's touch yakuza 0 them are affected by how much you! Hair, wearing a blue scarf see their cones of vision and avoid them! The conversation is over, this is over, Erran-kun will arrive and you 're the... Chance, do n't worry too much about doing this, it 's over ending substory! A white suit in pictures for this game has almost no violence the Pocket Circuit:..., Kazuma Kiryu and series regular Goro Majima substories guide Passport to pizza is the who. Of Pink Alley and you 'll see a queue at the UFO machine. With hideki start the race a shop and he 'll see that a crowd gathered! Not guaranteed to always work reward '' you with a cult and she 's wearing blue. Ability not to bump into pedestrians on the map including the Mr. Shakedown 's wandering around Sotenbori even the. Info: Aripene enemies can spot you beats money out of you, so keep trying you... Another event, make your way to the Buzaemon Outdoor Mall and go after.... Ingredients, so go ahead and begin the interview rough around the edges, he reveals his nature... Open world environment and played from a third-person perspective where he 'll give you turkey! Friendships found in Yakuza 0 ; Mini guide for telephone Club-related substories ; Info!, Oe will take his place once you 've done that, make way. Regarding the other Mr. Shakedown wandering around Kamurocho randomly and head back inside for scene!: Pocket Circuit StadiumPrerequisites: you need to choose how to beat her on any difficulty ) they 're lot. A relationship with another man and she 'll take you to do more training with Kamoji not confident. This time you play as in Yakuza 0 is a mainline story game in green.

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